Club Swim Meets

Club swim meets will be held every second Friday at the Kirwan Aquatic Centre. Please check our Events Calendar for exact dates.

  • Warm up for Friday  will commence at 6.00pm with the first race starting at 6.30pm

Swimmers may swim up to five races with only one distance of each stroke permitted, an exception to this rule is freestyle races. Example: If you swim 50m Fly, you cannot swim a 25m Fly.

Nominations must be submitted by 5pm of the Wednesday prior to the club swim via one of the following methods:

  • Email to the TBSC email address
  • Text the Club Registrar (Trica Randall ) on 0411 093848

All events will be run under the one start rule - this means if you false start, you will be disqualified.

The club will be seeking help from parents each club swim. The BBQ and Canteen operate for your convenience at every Club Swim. They are a service to the swimmers, their parents and guests. We try to keep prices down to encourage families to come to club nights. Please remember that the people cooking and serving you are parents who are volunteering their time.

If due to inclement weather a club swim is cancelled, it will be rescheduled to a later date.  If you wish to check if the club swim is on notification will be on the Club web page and Facebook Page.

Reminder: the Club requires 2 time keepers per lane for Club Swims – your help is required.

Eligibility To Swim Club Championships

To be eligible for club championships the following is required:

  1. All swimmers must participate in 75% of club swims.
  2. Members who register late in the season are required to swim at least 75% of the remaining club swims.
  3. All swimmers must swim each stroke at least once during the season.  If you nominate for a club swim and due to illness or injury are unable to attend, please inform the nominations clerk/registrar as soon as possible.

Promotion To Longer Distances

The below table is a guide only to assist coaches and swimmers when deciding to advance to the next distance level. Final decision of advancement will be determined by the Head Coach.

Stroke25m to 50m50m to 100m
Freestyle Better than 25sec Better than 50sec
Breast stroke Better than 32sec Better than 62sec
Back stoke Better than 28sec Better than 58sec
Butterfly Better than 30sec Better than 60sec

NOTE: For 25m swimmers who have attained qualifying times and are assessed as being legally correct in a particular stroke for 50m events, a decision on that swimmer advancing to 50m events will be made between the Parent and Head Coach.

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